Ed's Domino Man Cabinet

Updated 1-24-03

I came across a guy locally (in the Minneapolis, MN area) that was selling a non-working Domino Man, so I arranged to go check it out.  I decided if it was like he said it was, I would pay his asking price.  Well, the only thing that wasn't like I though it would be was the monitor.  It had a fair amount of burn-in, but I decided to buy it anyway.  The machine worked (somewhat), so that was a plus for me.  I figured that it wouldn't be TOO hard to get it working.

Here are some pictures and movies of what it was like before I started messing around with it.

I did a bunch of research on the internet and it seemed that the two most common problems with these MCR II machines was the battery leaking and the reset circuitry.  I messed around with the power pots a bit and then I decided to play with the reset wire.

The reset circuitry was the problem.  Now, I manually reset the board.  I power-up the board with the purple reset wire tied to +5V.  Then, once the machine has power, I strobe the line by pulling it from +5V and then putting it back to +5V and leaving it there.

I rebuilt the Power Supply board with the parts from Bob Roberts' Midway 90412 Power Supply Rebuild Kit.  It didn't really help my problem.  Though, I figure it was still worth rebuilding.  What it did do was help me to narrow down the problem.  I guessed that the reset circuitry kept resetting because the power being supplied to the power supply board kept fluctuating.

So, to fix that problem, I ordered 2 large capacitors from Digikey.  They needed to replace the large pop-can sized caps that are on the bottom of the cabinet.  One of them was 55,000uF @ 25VDC and the other was 100,000uF @ 15VDC.  The replacements were a lot smaller and did not have screw terminals, but I made due.  Now the game doesn't reset itself.  Here's a picture of what Domino Man's screen looks like after replacing the large caps

I have recently ordered a K4900 Cap Kit from Bob Roberts.  When that arrives, I'll install it and hopefully it will make the screen look all pretty again.  Of course it won't fix the burn-in, but I think I'll just live with that.  By the way, who would let the test pattern burn into their monitor.  Does that even make sense?


Domino Man Front and Side

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