Family Photos

Let's start with the birth of Morgan Marie

Or More pictures of Morgan

Fourth of July, Roseville, MN


And More Morgan

You can't get enough Morgan

Morgan at my house

A full week of Cody pics

Soccer pics, plus some baby Morgan

Cody at soccer; Morgan and her folks

Cody fishing

Morgan in a pretty dress

Cody playing soccer yet again

President Bush is not playing soccer, not fishing, and definitely not in a pretty dress

Halloween pictures

Lots of pictures: Lock and Dam 1, Cody Climbing, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, Cody Sanding a Rocket, Gramma H. and Morgan

Christmas pictures

February Morgan pictures and Cody's birthday

May pictures of family at Kimber's European sendoff

Cody and family at a Twin's baseball game

Edina model boaters, and Morgan's first birthday, with movies! (at the bottom)

Webelos camping trip, with movies! (at the bottom)

Various pictures of grandchildren